Create task lists, notes and memos for any purpose simply by speaking.

No typing is required to make shopping lists or checklists, take quick notes or dictate speeches.

Manage your day-to-day and stay organized even when your hands are busy, or you just don't feel like typing.



SpeakTask features:

  • Task management

  • Note-taking & speech dictation

  • Reminders

  • Widgets for quick access

  • Apple Watch app

  • iCloud sync across your devices

  • Sharing lists and tasks

  • Recognizes 63 languages

  • And more

Screenshots (iPhone)

Screenshots (Apple Watch)

App Reviews

TheWebAppMarket applauds Speak Task, one of a kind app where you can create a task list by speaking.

Japan, March 30, 2022: TheWebAppMarket applauds SpeakTask, one of a kind app where you can create a task list by speaking. With Speak Task, making grocery lists or checklists, taking notes, or dictating someone's speech can be easily done without typing. Simply speak to create tasks, notes, and memos for any purpose.

Combining “to-do list” and “speech recognition” into one, the app seeks to manage your everyday tasks with minimal effort required. Reminders won’t let you forget about your important tasks. Widgets give you quick access to your tasks and app features. Speak Task is a great tool for dictation that recognizes +60 languages. Your data can be shared across multiple iOS devices via iCloud.

Speak Task is a great organizer to manage your daily routines easily by saving you the hassle of typing.


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